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Le Salon International d'Élevage est un événement majeur dans le domaine de l'élevage qui se tiendra à Casablanca, au Maroc, du 21 au 24 novembre 2023. Ce salon offre une plateforme unique pour les professionnels de l'industrie de l'élevage afin de présenter leurs produits, d'échanger des connaissances et de discuter des dernières avancées technologiques dans le secteur.  Le salon vise à promouvoir le développement de l'élevage au Maroc et dans la région en mettant en avant les dernières innovations, les meilleures pratiques et les nouvelles technologies. Il réunira des éleveurs, des agriculteurs, des vétérinaires, des chercheurs, des fournisseurs d'équipements et de services, ainsi que des représentants gouvernementaux et des experts internationaux.

City of El Jadida
Commune Sidi Ali Benhamdouch

Days 16-17-18 /  February 2024

Trois chevaux

Professional platform

The Livestock Exhibition (SIDE) is a business platform in which breeders and farmers meet manufacturers of various products to serve and develop breeding, as well as the post-breeding and operating phase towards the consumption.

It is also an opportunity for producers to present their products and development serving this sector and give them the opportunity to expand their customer network.

Annual meeting

More than 100 exhibitors from 16 countries and more than 12,000 professional visitors are expected to participate in the event. Exhibitors will present relevant products, technologies and solutions in the fields of livestock breeding and production, processing, packaging and processing, food and finance. They came from France, Spain, China, Tunisia, Germany, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

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The livestock sector in Morocco:
a sector with great potential.

This event of scope aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the livestock sector, showcase the potential of this sector, enhance national knowledge and promote exchange and cooperation between Moroccan and foreign operators.
The main objective of organizing the Livestock Exhibition is to present an exhibition in line with the strategy adopted by the Moroccan state, within the framework of the Moroccan Agricultural Development Program."Green Generation" As well as the post-education industrialization stage.
The exhibition represents a professional meeting platform between national and local operators in the livestock sector and related industries (equipment, supplies, meat, milk and its derivatives, animal feed...) and supporting services (banks, public bodies, health...)
The gathering of these operators (exhibitors, financiers, guests and visitors), for a few days in the same place, will allow  It enables breeders and farmers to develop their productivity and means of exploiting them, and also provides an opportunity for producers through entrepreneurship, investment, and exploration of new markets.

In the exhibition program 2024:

• Conferences dealing with major technical subjects, processes and industrial strategies in the service of breeding,
• Conferences allowing strategic reflection and opening up a debate related to the new challenges of the livestock sector,
• Training workshops for the benefit of breeders.
• Exhibits of materials, equipment, techniques and services during the four days of the show.
• Animations to cross offers and requests, but also to make discover the opportunities offered by Morocco in the field of breeding.

breading, élevage, farme

Develop your vision

SIDE  a unique concept: a commercial offer covers the entire value chain - from field to fork





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