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Summaries of previous editions

Edition 2024

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First day activities

Summary of the opening day of the activities of the Livestock Breeding Exhibition in its first edition

Which witnessed a record participation in the number of visitors, which exceeded 30,000 visitors.

The exhibition was opened by the Mr. Worker of the El Jadida Province, and during this opening, Mr. Worker and his accompanying delegation were presented with all the leaders of the exhibition:

- Pole of the booths of institutions and the private sector

- Livestock and horses exposition

- Pole of cooperatives

- Activation pole and Taborida offers

The opening day witnessed the presence of a huge number of visitors and professionals.

Activities of the second day

We are pleased to provide you with an exciting overview of the second day of the Livestock Breeding Exhibition, which was held in El Jadida until February 18, 2024!
🌿This day was marked by enriching conferences led by well-known experts in the field of livestock breeding and sustainable agriculture.
🚜 Visitors had the opportunity to discover the latest products and best practices in animal husbandry, through live shows and interactive presentations.
🤝 Valuable exchanges took place between breeders, farmers, suppliers and professionals in the sector, thus strengthening partnerships and development opportunities.

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Activities of the third day

The summary of the third day of activities at the Livestock Show in its first edition. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Forests was the guest of honor this day. He visited the different poles of the fair and presented prizes to the winners of the different types of animal competitions, as well as prizes for some personalities active in the field of cattle and horse breeding.

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